An open letter to the previous owners of my dog…

Dear Marina Del Rey Family,

You purchased a very expensive purebred Saint Bernard puppy a few years ago.  Remember her?  I’m sure she was more than you bargained for.  Most people who go to breeders instead of rescuing the millions of dogs at the shelters aren’t really “dog people,” anyway.  You then proceeded to treat her like something you didn’t want, something you didn’t spend almost $3000 on.  You brought her home to your three children and named her Snickers.  I’m sure it was really exciting for your family and I bet your kids thought you both were heroes!  But, soon after, you proceeded to take this needy, cuddly puppy and confine her to the concrete area on the side of your house.  Instead of allowing her into your green, grassy yard you decided to take cinder blocks and create a man-made cage for her.  Her view was the side of your house and a concrete fence.   You never let her inside.  You allowed her to whine and whimper for hours and even days on end.  Your neighbors were so concerned.  They even took her for walks and offered to find her another home since it was clear that you did not want her. Image

Mr. and Mrs. Marina Del Rey, if you had done your research about Saint Bernards, you would have learned that they were originally bred for rescue purposes and are extremely kind and affectionate dogs.  Where in your reading did you see “likes to be left alone” and “doesn’t need affection?”  I must have missed those articles.IMG_7949

This concrete cage that you provided was not nearly big enough for a puppy that quickly grew to be a 130lb dog.     I also don’t think that the bag of generic puppy chow you threw into her “cage” every few days was proper nourishment for a dog like this or any dog for that matter. Also, her nails were over grown and her dewclaws were so long they were growing back into her skin.  Did you see this?  Oh wait, you never saw her because you were too busy!

All of your neighbors heard her cry on rainy nights and knew she was in need.  In fact, once you were even asked about wanting to give her up.  The blonde woman at your house IMG_8502exclaimed, “No! We love her.”  Funny, nobody around you felt that you loved her.  Your three children must experience a very interesting version of love in your home.  What do THEY think about all of this?

Eventually you people were smart enough to give her up after countless individuals showed up at your door, questioning you.  One of them being someone I sent!  The only redeeming quality I can see in you, previous owners, is that you were eventually smart enough to give her up.  Once pressured enough, you willingly gave away your 1 1/2 year old puppy.

For the last 2 years Bernadette (because Snickers is a stupid name for her) has been sleeping inside every night on a plush bed right next to ours.  She gets healthy food and more love and affection than she knows what to do with.  She has to be touching someone at all times, which l believe is a result of not being touched at all as a puppy.  She goes for walks everyday and is very, very happy.  People always ask where we found such a cool dog.  I say “we rescued her from bad owners.”

Marina Del Rey Family, I hope you never get another dog.  I hope you never go to another breeder.  I hope you read this and feel ashamed.

On a kinder note, Thank you.  Thank you for sucking!  Because of you, we received the most amazing gift and companion.  Bernadette is OURS now.  She belongs to us, we belong to her.  And we will love her until she takes her last breath.  A last breath that will be taken inside of a warm home with people who love her and touch her… and NOT alone, outside on the cold concrete.




Let it Go!

Friday night my boyfriend and I battled traffic to Woodland Hills for an elementary school singing performance!  I know… you’re jealous!

Here’s the deal:  I love these kids.  They have become my little makeshift family.  But watching these performances feels a lot like torture.  Anyone else experience this?  I’m convinced the singing teacher is really just a glorified babysitter that allows the kids to do Karaoke and then charges us to come watch.  Tonight’s theme is Disney’s Frozen—have you heard of that little movie? Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell are amazing singers. These kids… let’s just say the amount of wrong notes that hit my ears during this recital may speed up the purchase of a hearing aid in my older age.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to remain bitter and mean because… when my stepdaughter took the stage in her little blue dress and her hairstyle that I got up early to do… and started to sing… all the negativity and cattiness immediately left my body. I couldn’t believe how confident she was.  Suddenly I began to feel like an annoying “mom” that thinks her kid is the best!  You know those types?

TAYAI have been bitten.  Not sure by which kind of bug… but it has happened.  I start to melt and realize that even though we don’t share blood, I can see little pieces of myself shining through this little person and I realize I AM part of her.  I am driving to these ridiculous shows for a reason.

On the shitty traffic-filled drive home, I didn’t curse the cars (too much). Instead I smiled and talked to my little star’s Dad about how flippin’ much I adore his kids.  I do sometimes learn how to take my negative crap and as Elsa from Frozen says… “Let it Go.”